Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Web Graphics and Stuff

Of all of the skills we covered in class regarding graphics, I learned three new things. The first was mainly about how the pixels per inch needed to be 72 in order to make it work properly as a web image. The second was how to resize the image without using a different program. The last was how to save it to web compatible formats. These did not have much to do with the program itself (especially since the program can do soooooooo very much more) but they were still technical things that I needed to know. I don't know if it will affect my image use on the web considering that I do not use images on the web very often at this moment. I guess it could be helpful to teach in the school system, just because everything is going to be more technologically advanced and the more they know about it, the easier everything will be for the students. I don't know how many of them would actually use it but I think it would be helpful to know just so that they could apply the same knowledge to other things as well. I often adapt knowledge of other things to problems that I experience, so I know it helps me when I know the basics of things.

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