Monday, May 7, 2012

Technology in the Classroom

Technology is definitely an important thing to encourage and teach in the classroom. It is not only important for the future career choices of the child but so much of society is using the internet. The benefits of using technology are numerous. Technology can create better communication with students and encourage them to want to learn. It can also help students who may have trouble understanding or focusing during classroom lectures. Technology is a tool for the extension of learning, not just a facebook checker, and students need to realize this power. The challenges may come in when technology adapts quickly and I cannot keep up. I am quite quick to pick things up but technology is constantly changing. One thing I know I might struggle with are smartphones and ipads. I have never personally had either and they can be quite confusing at first. The most important lesson I will take away from this class, however, is that if you are willing to learn, technology comes quite easily and there are endless possibilities with a tool like technology. If i am to take away anything from this class it is certainly the knowledge that there is always so much more to learn.

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