Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Vidjyas and All

The group video project was a lot of fun really. I think my group's video turned out well but I do think it could improve in the editing. There should have been some fades in the music but it wasn't too bad. Next time I think I would spend a little bit more time editing it with my partner but given the circumstances, it turned out great. I already knew how to do most of the stuff presented in class but it was nice to hear it all being taught to me again and I really am not very organized when it comes to filming so I might start getting more organization. If I were to incorporate digital video into my classroom, my age level would be in high school. Film is something that can be a little challenging for students to understand because there are so many parts to it but I think as far as teaching them how to properly organize a project, film is a great way to help them learn this process. The content area would probably be a mock-u-mentary style focusing on an artist and incorporating historical information on them. The preparations that I would have to do include finding cameras that they may use and making sure there is editing software for the students. Some of the challenges would be teaching them the difficult process of writing a script, filming it, and editing it, as well as any technical video information they may need to know in order to properly import the footage. One of the biggest challenges that will arise will be keeping the individual groups from fighting with each other because no matter what age, they all will have their opinions of each other. Here is the step by step process: For their mock-u-mentary, my students will research an artist from any time period and make a script that addresses important factual information on top of an interesting plot. Each film should be around 3 to 5 minutes long. Before filming they will write up a shot list. They will film/act out the artist and what might be his everyday doings as well as the important historical events that befell him. After filming is complete, they will edit the movie on whichever program available and add any sound or effects needed. They will then upload it to youtube. I will need to teach them how to properly edit, some common filming techniques as well as rules, such as the 180 degree rule, some copyright laws, and teach them (if they don't already know) how to upload a video onto youtube. Assigning groups may be the best way to prevent friend drama but if I do this I will have to be sure to give them time in class to film their movies.

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